Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Argentina - 'Round the world' Birthday party!

When I first started these exchanges last year Maria Elena from Argentina was the first person to sign up and her family have been supporting and joining in with the project ever since.  So I was extremely happy to hear that her son Santiago's seventh birthday party had a round-the-world theme and better yet that he was going to share the day with us!

Maria Elena writes:
"He chose this theme thanks to the things we've learned through the cultural exchanges. My husband drew a plane with chalk on the floor and we made circles for the seats. The children had to stand on a circle between games so that I could explain the games and imagine we travelled from one place to another.

As a birthday invitation I made an origami paper plane and attached the invitation as a banner.  I decorated the walls with flags and stuff we had received from different countries."

Here is Santiago and his sister with an amazing world map birthday cake!
Maria Elena had kept a package from Ireland to give him as a present during his Birthday breakfast.
The games at the party were chosen to represent different countries:
  • Building the Pisa Tower (representing Italy) with cardboard boxes in groups.
  • Little Safari Animals Hunt (representing South Africa)
  • Wrapping a chosen child as a mummy with toilet paper (race) (representing Egypt)
  • Boys playing football (representing Brazil)
  • Girls making cheerios necklaces (representing Hawaii)
  • Picking up cheese cheerios with chopsticks (representing Japan)
Maria Elena made newspaper ships as containers for the party favours. Included in them were little flags from different countries, children from around the world stickers and some candies.
Apparently Santiago has already asked for the same theme next year!

Thank you again to Maria Elena and Happy Birthday Santiago from Worldwide Culture Swap!

[Posted by Rachael on behalf of Maria Elena from Argentina]


  1. What a creative way of celebrating a birthday! I think I'll steal the idea ;)

  2. I love this idea! We are a multi-cultural, multi-continental family. My husband is French, I'm American, and our daughter was born in Argentina.

    Keep up the great blog.

  3. What a wonderful idea!!! Loved the cake, and the games look like so much fun! Thank you to Maria Elena for sharing and Rachael for posting!


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