Saturday, 26 May 2012

Australia - Worldwide Culture Swap package

Thanks once again to Theresa for sharing with us the contents of the packages that she has sent representing Australia in the Worldwide Culture Swap.

Theresa says: 
"Gathering the contents made us discover that my nearly 3 yr old did not know the names of any Australian animals and it helped my eldest child think about our local history and culture. We bought a second set of toy animals for home and gathered together Australian animals books and stories to read."
The packages contain:
  • Australian coins
  • books
  • toy animals
  • paper money (not real!)
  • a piece of Hematite found in our state
  • lots of stamps
  • some treats (for the kids?)
  • a lip gloss infused with native Australian bush goodness (for the Mums?)

If you want to know more about these exchanges and how you can take part, have a look at the Worldwide Culture Swap page.

Send us a link to your blog posts related to worldwide culture and we will feature them on the site, include a link back to your site and of course give you full credit.

Visit our Get involved page for more information.

[Posted by Rachael on behalf of Theresa from Australia]

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