Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Canada - Worldwide Culture Swap package

A big thank you to the Rudden family from British Columbia, Canada for sharing their package contents with us.

They were representing Canada in the Worldwide Culture Swap and were in  group of 5 families from around the world.
The family very kindly sent me this photo and a description of the goodies:
  • Symbols of Canada publication from Government of Canada Canada Sudoku from 
  •  Canada lapbooking papers (about 10 sheets) 
  • Itty Bitty book of French words or sayings 
  • British Columbia map and information/ activities/ questions 
  • 4 sets of 3 part cards in orange folders (Canadian symbols, Canadian animals, Canadian money, British Columbia symbols) 
  • Descriptors/ information for the animals cards 
  • Black and white photocopies of First Nations animals in drawing form First Nations story about a local landmark - "The Lions" mountains 
  • 7 photos - 3 of family, 3 of various places around British Columbia and one of "The Lions"
  • Iron on Canada flag 
  • Pencils 
  • Maple syrup candies 
  •  Canada stickers
  • And a letter from the family explaining what it's like to live in British Columbia

Phew! What a lot of things! If you want to know more about these exchanges and how you can take part have a look at the Worldwide Culture Swap page.

If you are already taking part then please send us some photos to include on the site or link to your blog post.  Visit our Get Involved page for more information.

[Written by Rachael on behalf of the Rudden family in British Columbia, Canada

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