Monday, 7 May 2012

France - The month of May

Did you know that there was 3 public holidays in France this month ?!

May first: "La fête du travail" (Labour Day)
Every year, on the first of May, people give each other a sprig of lily of the valley flowers as a symbol. It is a tradition of the Middle Age when King Charles IX said the lily of the valley flower would bring good luck and symbolized the start of spring. It is a public holiday which means that most people don't work and children don't go to school that day. These white flowers are sold in the streets and in stores, they are very pretty and smell really nice.

The 8th of May: "Armistice" (Victory in Europe Day)
It commemorates the formal end of the Second World's war. Children and their parents don't work or go to school that day. Some people bring flowers and candles to soldiers' graves to pay their tribute to soldiers who died fighting for their country.

The 17th of May: "Ascension"
Ascension is celebrated forty (40) days after Easter. It is a Christian celebration that always come on a Thursday. It is a public holiday everywhere in Europe but in Spain, the UK, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Portugal...

Is there a public holiday in your country in May? 

[Written by Deb from Sixtine and the Little Things in Canada]


  1. Replies
    1. Having just experienced these three holidays in France I can assure everyone that absolutely everything pretty much shut down for the whole month lol :)

  2. In Korea May is called "the family month" we have:
    Children's Day ( May 5th)
    Parent's Day (May 8th)
    Buddah's Birthday (8th day of 4th lunar month)


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