Wednesday, 9 May 2012

France - Mother's day

In France, mother's day is celebrated the last Sunday of May unless it falls on Pentecost (a Christian holiday) in which case it is celebrated on the first Sunday of June. This year, French mothers will be celebrated on Sunday, June 3rd.

It was in May 1950 that French President Vincent Auriol decided to officialize mother's day. On that day, the most deserving mothers would be decorated by mayors and deputies according to how big of a family she had (ie: a mother of five children would get a bronze medal).

On Mother's day, it is common trend in France to be especially nice to mums, and let them relax and enjoy their day while children and dads attend to her. She usually receives flowers, chocolates, get served a nice meal or taken at the restaurant, and she may also receive a very nice gift. Young children, with the help of their dad, school teachers, or educators, may draw or craft something nice for their mothers or write poems.

My sisters and I have decided to put together a nice big box of 27 little gifts for each year she has been a mother to us. It is going to be a lot of fun ! What do you think it should contain?

The French for "Happy mother's day" is "Bonne fĂȘte maman!"

How do you say "Happy Mother's Day" in your language or other languages you know?" How did/do you celebrate mothers in your country and when did/does it fall on?

[Written by Deb from Sixtine and the Little Things in Canada] 

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