Wednesday, 9 May 2012

France - Un, deux, trois !

Learn to count up to twelve with the traditional French song "Un, deux, trois, nous irons au bois"
Un, deux, trois, nous irons au bois,
One, two, three, we are going to the woods,
Quatre, cinq, six, cueillir des cerises,
Four, five, six, to pick cherries,
Sept, huit, neuf, dans un panier neuf,
Seven, eight, nine, in a new basket,
Dix, onze, douze, elles seront toutes rouges !
Ten, eleven, twelve, they will be all red!

Do you like to draw? Send us illustrations of this French song via the contact form and we will display them on this post! Don't forget to sign your name! 

[Written by Deb from Sixtine and the Little Things in Canada] 

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