Friday, 11 May 2012

Sweden - Choklad Bollar (no bake choco-balls)

Another recipe for you but this time for the easiest 'baking' that you can do with a child. This is a very traditional Swedish recipe for Choklad Bollar (Chocolate Balls).  They taste delicious! Maybe you have already tried them at IKEA where there are sold in the Swedish Food Shop?

The recipe is absolutely foolproof, quick, tasty and easy for very young children to do as you just mix all the ingredients together.  And better still there is no baking required so if a little gets eaten during the process of making them it's not a problem.  Similarly there is no agonising wait for them to be cooked before eating.
  • 300ml rolled oats (porridge oats) 
  • 100ml sugar 
  • 2.5 tbsp cocoa powder 
  • 1 tbsp vanilla sugar (optional) 
  • 100g softened butter 
  • Granulated sugar or coconut (to decorate the balls)
Put the decoration (sugar or coconut flakes) into a bowl.  Then simply mix all of the other ingredients in a large bowl until combined.  Once mixed take small handfuls and roll into little balls.

Papa demonstrating the rolling technique
The balls are then rolled in the decoration (we always use coconut flakes rather than sugar).
Coconut flakes are used to decorate the balls
 How easy is that??
Not all the balls make it to the plate
Counting the balls as they are made
Then simply pack up a picnic basket and head for the local beach.

We love to hear about traditional recipes from your culture. Why not send us pictures of something you have made for us to include on the blog?

What goodies do you make with small children in your culture?


  1. These sound delicious...I can't wait to try them:)

  2. Thanks Melissa! Hope you enjoy them.

  3. Rachel are you Swedish then? I have Swedish ancestry and love learning about the culture and my family's origins. I have been working on an extensive family history project for years. The place where my ancestors settled here in Pennsylvania is still known as "Swede Hill."


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