Monday, 14 May 2012

Hello and welcome! We are finally here!

    I am beyond excited to be launching this website dedicated to sharing our culture with each other all around the world.

    When I decided to put together a collection of little bits and pieces for my children from the different continents and countries that I have traveled to I realised that it would make a wonderful activity for us all to enjoy together; to be able to hold a shell from a beech in Argentina, cook a traditional treat from Africa or join in with a custom or tradition from Russia.

    What better way to be able to do all this than to be in touch with different families all hoping to learn a little together.

    I started this project last year on my own blog and since then it's popularity has been such that I really needed to give it its own space.  And that's when I met Deb and Mymy who have helped me so much to bring this site from a little dream to a reality in just a matter of weeks.  

    The three of us share a common love of all things cultural and this is our little way of helping families just like yours get in touch with each other and exchange information and gifts relevant to the country that they are representing.
    I encourage all new visitors to take a look at some of the packages that have been sent, look at the many different ways to get involved or even just leave a comment in our guestbook if you have sent one of the 1300 packages that have already been exchanged.

    Starting a new project can be tough when you are trying to get the word out so please help us to reach as many families as possible by 'liking' us on Facebook, following us on Twitter or Pinterest or signing up to receive our posts by email (at the bottom of the page).

    Thank you once again for helping me get this project going and don't forget to spread the wor(l)d...



    1. Such a brilliant idea; fun and simple to take part in the project! It is so important to teach kids (and grown ups too ...) about the world and different cultures, and that we are all different but yet the same.
      I have RT a post on this on Twitter & will post a comment about this initiative on my webpage if that is ok?

    2. Thank you! Please feel free to add to your webpage :)


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