Saturday, 2 June 2012

Antarctica - Worldwide Culture Swap package

Here is another example of a Worldwide Culture Swap package - this time from the Dunphy family who were representing Antarctica!   A family member works at a research base in Antarctica and you can see photographs of him at work here!

This is what was in the package:
  • letter and sheet with 3 part card descriptions
  • small copy of the unofficial flag of Antarctica
  • Antarctic cookbook
  • baby killer whale mini book example and a sheet to make copies
  • sheet with life stages of a penguin
  • penguin song
  • map of research stations in Antarctica
  • map of the southern hemisphere
  • sheet of vocabulary/definitions
  • food chain card
  • 'snow flakes'
  • pencil
This package marked an important moment in the history of the Culture Swaps as we were able to say that we had seen packages sent representing every continent!  Hurrah!
Please remember that we love to show those who cannot participate what is in your packages so do send us some pictures and a short explanation of the package contents.  
You can also take part by writing a short article or sending some pictures of something that represents your country or nationality.  Visit the Get Involved page for more ways to take part.

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