Saturday, 30 June 2012

Qatar - Mini package

This package was sent by Caroline as part of our June WCS giveaway and I think it is just fabulous!
As you know, a mini package is limited to sending just 3 items and Caroline chose:
  1. Arab Coin Bank (in the traditional costume in the Middle East called thobe) 
  2. A toy/ decor camel - a very common animal in the desert
  3. A wall decor with Arabic transcription of "Allah" means God in Islam religion; with evil eye, an ornament used in the Middle East to avoid bad luck and attract good luck (a superstition 
  • A post card  from Qatar 
  • And a detailed map of Qatar with touristic attractions
Read the original blog post from the Turknoys here.
Each month we run a giveaway with a different theme so stay tuned for our next one!


  1. I love this package:) Great job Caroline!

    1. I think it's great too Melissa! :)

  2. The Arabic actually says maa'shaallah which means "as God wills" which is what is said following a compliment in the region and among Muslims.

    Also, the evil eye talisman is mainly found in Turkey and is rarely used in other mid-eastern regions. It has been brought to Qatar but is not in common use among Muslims because talismans against bad luck and evil are expressly forbidden in Islam.

    1. Thank you for this, I had no idea that talismans against bad luck and evil are expressly forbidden in Islam. I hope you will consider sharing with us more information about your culture, perhaps you would consider writing about something and submitting it via our contact form? :)

    2. Oh! Just remembered that the package was sent from a Turkish family in Qatar!


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