Monday, 4 June 2012

USA (California) - Worldwide Culture Swap package

Thank you to Alex for sharing a picture of her family's California package for the Worldwide Culture Swap!
If you want to know more about these exchanges and how you can take part have a look at the Worldwide Culture Swap page.

If you are already taking part then please send us some photos to include on the site or link to your blog post. Visit our Get Involved page for more information.

What would you send from where you are from?


  1. fry sauce, although not til winter because it needs to be refrigerated.

    It's this crazy thing those of us from Utah love on our french fries. It's basically ketchup and mayonnaise mixed.

  2. It's a little hard to see the non-paper objects so here's a list!
    US items:
    real and play currency, unused 1 cent stamps (stickers) and an assortment of other cancelled stamps,patriotic address stickers, flag-themed stickers, Halloween favors. Paper items include a list of holidays we celebrate, a traditional Thanksgiving craft, a Valentine card, and a grocery circular for our friends in countries with very different eating habits.
    CA items:
    squashed penny from the Nixon Library and Birthplace, sea shells packed with cotton which is one of our crops, sand, make your own tar pit brownies kit, a toy skateboard,"Jelly Belly" jelly beans, Mexican candy and gum as we are 2 hours from the border and live next to a neighborhood where everybody speaks Spanish, and a paper hat from a fast food restaurant. Paper items include info on earthquake safety and magnitude, CA inventions, gardening with native plants, avoiding problems with local wildlife, and local history.


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