Tuesday, 19 June 2012

USA Pennsylvania - Worldwide Culture Swap

A couple of weeks ago, I received this wonderful package from my dear Friend Melissa. Melissa was my penpal when I was a teenager and we have been friends for more than 15 years now ! She is a teacher and she was so excited to make a package just for my son, TJ.
Everything was so thoughtful and well organised. We loved it!
The  goodies
I personally loved the "How to speak like a Pittsburghese" book ;-)

I loved to open all the envelops to find more surprises :-)
TJ played with the flags for days...
More fun goodies and fact sheets
Even nice coins
If you want to know more about these exchanges and how you can take part, have a look at the Worldwide Culture Swap page.

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[written by mymy, WCS team, www.jeveuxunetitesoeurfille.over-blog.com]


  1. I love the picture of TJ with his flag...luckily when I put the package together it was almost time for our national holiday, Memorial Day. So, the flags and all of the USA goodies were out in the stores.

    1. Yes, if you catch it just right you can get some great stuff for the packages. For example in the UK now it's a great time to buy absolutely everything related to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee at really low prices :)

  2. Wow- she did a fantastic job!:) I hope that the one I send is as complete!:)

    1. I'm sure it will be Becky! Looking forward to seeing it :)


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