Thursday, 5 July 2012

Latest news from Worldwide Culture Swap

Here's a post answering a few questions that I have been receiving recently.   If you have any other questions you would like answering just post them in the comments section below.
I signed up for a Worldwide Culture Swap ages ago but I still don't have my group allocated.  Why is it taking so long?
If you are representing a State in the US you will unfortunately have to wait a while to get your group allocated.  This is because we need more non US families per group than US and yet the number of US families signing up each day is higher than non US.  At the moment the wait is around 4 weeks for US families and 1 week for non US.

Is there anything you can do to get more non US families to sign up?
We try to get in touch with regional organisations like home education networks to spread the word in other countries but alas we are three mothers and we simply do not have enough time in the day to promote the site as much as we would like.  You can help by spreading the word for us or letting us know of any groups that we could contact.  

Recently on Facebook a few of our Culture Swappers shared a link to our site to help spread the work and we have 15 non US families sign up within 24 hours allowing us to issue another 5 groups.  That's the power of your social networks!

My children are excited to get going but we are still waiting for our group.  Can you do anything to hurry it up?
If you are a US family and are waiting to be issued your group for the Worldwide Culture Swap feel free to sign up for a US State swap which you could do while you wait.  You can sign up for both at the same time or fill in the form again if you want to be added to a US State swap.

I would like more diversity in my group, can I have someone from South America added? 
We do our best to make the groups as diverse as possible but we are constrained by the list of people that have signed up.  We always do our best to accommodate any requests that you have, especially if you have a child who is particularly in a certain country but please be aware that this will probably delay your group allocation. 

How do I know the other group members will definitely send packages to me?
Our project is built on trust and by signing up you are committing to send your packages within the deadline that you set with your group.   You can follow these guidelines to help reduce the risk of not receiving your package.
  1. Do not send packages to anyone in your group if they have not communicated at all. 
  2. Build a relationship with your group through your email communications before you send the packages. In this way you can make sure that everyone understands what they need to do and by when.
  3. Set a realistic deadline for the group and stick to it.
  4. Make sure that you check that the address I put on this joining email is correct
  5. Do tell me if you are missing any packages. I may not be able to do anything about it but I can stop that person from signing up again and perhaps shame them on Facebook :)

Can I sign up to be in two groups at the same time?
If you are a family representing the US I'm afraid not but if you are not then you can be in multiple groups - just tell us in the comments box when you sign up.

I love this project -what can I do to help?
The best things that you can do are to help spread the word by sharing our site link with your friends and to send us photographs of the packages that you send and receive.  If we can't post pictures it's a shame for all our readers who are unable to take part.  Also see our Get Involved page for more suggestions.

I want to take part but I am worried about my English language ability as it is not my mother tongue.
Don't worry!  If you cannot write a letter in English just send your items and a short letter in your native language.  We always find people willing to help to translate these messages for you.

Don't forget that we have a common questions page too which you should also take a look at if you are considering taking part in a Culture Swap.

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  1. I would really recommend a policy of, check with everyone a week or so before you send your packages, and then don't send them to anyone unless they've responded. I sent a "OK if anyone has doubts please let me know because I'm mailing this week" email and nobody responded. Which was a bit backwards as far as strategy goes--people who won't respond, don't respond! :) We had a family that was enthusiastic & emailed back & forth with me at first and then after 2 of us had sent her packages with no response we were at least able to tell the other family not to send theirs.


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