Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Australia - a day in the life...

Thank you so much to Theresa who shared with us a day in the life of an almost 3-year old Australian girl! 

She wrote (on our Facebook page):

"Ms nearly 3 reading about "Goldilocks and the three Koalas" (as well as the "3 Kangaroos Gruff" who face a Bunyip under a bridge). 

It struck me as funny that I was bringing out her Vegemite sandwich for lunch, the washing is drying on a Hills hoist (an Australian invention / icon) rotary washing line.  It is very nearly winter and cold in the mornings, so she still has a scarf on, yet sunny in the day, so she has changed into a mini skirt.  

A very Australian weekend :P She can now name Kangaroos and Bunyips (mythological creatures), yet still calls emus "ducks" and Koalas "teddy bears".  

If sun holds out for her birthday next week, we may visit a wildlife park to see native animals."

Why don't you share a little snippet of your day with us - we love finding out about what it's like where you are!  Visit our Get Involved page for details of how you can take part.

[Posted by Rachael on behalf of Theresa from Australia]

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