Friday, 7 September 2012

Puerto Rico - The Capia custom

Thank you to Frances from Discovering The World Through My Sons Eyes for telling us about a custom from Puerto Rico.

Frances tells us:

This is a photo of "Capias" of our wedding to show our Puertorican tradition. :)

In Puerto Rico it is customary that the bride pins “capias” on her guests.  
These are wedding souvenir that the bride gives to her guests. This one is from our wedding in 2008. I saved a few, and how great it is to share it with you! [included in a swap package]
The “capia” is made with a thin satin ribbon with the bride’s & groom’s name/wedding date engraved on them (It’s in English, because we married in South Carolina, USA; but I wanted to have some of my culture present in our wedding.) The ribbon is placed on a lace or other material with a decorative piece on top. A pin is included so that the bride can put it on her guests as a corsage or boutonniere. This way the bride is able to see all her guests, and give them a wedding souvenir.
Thanks for sharing this tradition with us Frances!

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