Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Israel - Worldwide Culture Swap package

Thank you Liat for sending me pictures of your family's package representing Israel!
Liat was also kind enough to send me a list of the package contents which always makes it especially interesting for us!  Here's what she wrote:
  1.  Introduction letter about the family and a handmade card
  2. Our sea magnet – The boys prepared with sand and shells from our favorite beach
  3. Israel's Map – explanation and a map is included 
  4. Israel's Capital city
  5. Emblem of Israel – explanation and a card of the emblem.
  6. National Colors
  7. National bird -  explanation and a coloring page
  8. National Flower – explanation and a coloring page
  9. National Tree – explanation and tree branch 
  10. National dog – explanation
  11. Israel's Nature and Parks Authority Map
  12. The Flag Of Israel – explanation, a handmade flag and make your own flag activity.
  13. Israeli Currency: coins and bill sample as well as Israeli old stamps – look for their value.
  14. Postcard from the peace with Egypt and of Mt. Hermon, located in the north, the only mountain we get enough snow to ski on.
  15. Postcard of Ramat-Gan and its park, were we do some of our home school meetings and of Natania, a small city north of Tel-Aviv that is located on the shore.
  16. Postcard of the stalagmites cave that is a very unique place to visit and the other one of a monument located near Beer-Sheva, the biggest city in the south of Israel, just north of the Negev desert.
  17. Bus stub, train stub, entertainment stub and an advertising magnet of our food provider.
  18. Varied leaves of local trees and feathers we collected in our favorite parks and handmade snakes; also included is a map of the Jerusalem Zoo, were we have our zoology class.
  19. The Jerusalem Post – a special version for English learners, you can see the Hebrew translation to some of the words.
  20. Tel-Aviv Museum of Art floor plan, we love this museum, it has a great room for kids.  This time the theme was portraits:  we had to go search the museum for the attached list of portraits, all by Israeli artists.  Also included is an outline for a self-portrait, sit in front of a mirror and draw yourself and on the back of it you can add your thoughts and ideas, fold it to stand or hang on the wall.
  21. In an envelope:  a kit from the Center for Sea Turtles rescue, that is very unique.  We love to visit there; once we went to see the little turtles leaving the eggs and rushing to the big sea, and this summer we got to visit the hospital and saw number of big turtles in recovery.  Included: Bookmark with all the turtles in Israel, a sticker and a coloring magnet.
  22. Goodies: We wanted to give you a taste of our kitchen so we included: an Israeli snack for appetizer. For main dish: falafel (chickpeas balls) mix, (you should put the balls inside a pita bread pocket with cucumber and tomato chopped salad and sesame /tahini sauce or Humus spread.  In a small box is Z'aatar, a native herb we use on top of a salad, cream cheese or on top of toasted pita bread spread with olive oil.  For dessert Israeli candy called Tofi, and a Tea bag with dried leaves of Verbena from our garden, put the bag in a pot of boiled water, add some sugar to taste and wait for the water to get greenish, not too long.  That's it, Bon Appetite!
  23. Last, the boys made for each kid a name tag written in Hebrew on a Eucalyptus tree bark (the English name is on the back) so you know how it is written in Hebrew.
  24. Israeli Music - A disk with our favorite songs. 
What an incredible package! So rich in cultural information and a great example of how handmade and collected items are perfect for these swaps.

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