Friday, 2 November 2012

Malta - Worldwide Culture Swap package

Things have been a little quiet here as I make the transition from stay at home mum to full time work.  My lovely friends and fellow Culture Swap organisers Mymy and Deb are keeping things ticking over but it's been a shame not to post so many of the lovely pictures that we receive from you almost every day now.

I'll do my best to post all of the pictures but it may take a while :)

Anyway, here is a lovely package representing Malta that was sent from Alicia from Creative Fun Mum.

There was a lot included in this package including:
Here is a photo and some information on each object we put in our pack.
  • A traditional Recipe – Figolla
  • A figolla cutter
  • Brief information about the origins of the recipe for the traditional sweet
  • Figolla with step by step instructions and a Figolla cutter.
  • A traditional children’s game – Iz-Zunzana ( plus link to more traditional games)
  • A soft ball to play the traditional children’s game
  • Translation of song for game and instructions how to play it. Plus soft ball to play the game.
  • Twistees ( a locally produced popular snack)
  • Galletti ( a locally produced water cracker ideally to eat with cheese)
  • Exploring Malta Activity book
  • A 44 page book full of fun information about the geography and history of Malta and Gozo.
  • A Maltese cross Filigree pendant (silver 925 with certificate)plus information
and a lot more! 

If you want to learn more about this package check out Alicia's full blog post for more pictures and information. 

And don't forget that if you want to know more about these swaps and how you can take part, have a look at the Worldwide Culture Swap page.

Send us a link to your blog posts related to worldwide culture and we will feature them on the site, include a link back to your site and of course give you full credit. Take a look at our monthly Culture Swapper Link Up for information.

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