Tuesday, 11 December 2012

New Zealand - Worldwide Culture Swap package

Oh my goodness is all I can say about this Culture Swap package!

Let's let Anna tell us all about what's inside.......

"We wrapped shoeboxes in paper that is photographed flax weaving. We couldn't send traditional woven "ketes" (bags), but thought this would give the general idea.
The box and it's contents.
 The box and it's contents.
A sticker of the Maori 'Rangatiratanga' (sovereignty) flag, a plastic copy of a pounamu (greenstone) tiki necklace, window sticker of 'hei tiki', small flax kete, temporary tattoos in similar style to traditional Maori tattoos, set of 'poi' made by us from wool and plastic supermarket bags.
Mini NZ flag on stand, postcards of flora and fauna and traditional tikanga Maori, 3 'chocolate fish - a favourite treat in NZ, recipes for NZ desserts and biscuits (pavlova, Anzac biscuits and hokey pokey), a page of thoughts from us on other facts about NZ including some websites to see poi in action."
If you want to know more about these swaps and how you can take part, have a look at the Worldwide Culture Swap page.

Send us a link to your blog posts related to worldwide culture and we will feature them on the site, include a link back to your site and of course give you full credit. Take a look at our monthly Culture Swapper Link Up for information.

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