Wednesday, 20 March 2013

(USA) North Carolina - Worldwide Culture Swap package

Cindy sent us this picture of a package that she prepared to represent North Carolina!

Here's what was inside to represent USA:
  • 2 puzzles of the US
  • Flash cards about each individual State
  • US Flag
  • US money
  • Postcard from Mount Rushmore
  • 3 books about: each state, US Presidents, and the Declaration of Independence
  • 1 US Flag bean ball
  • CD with pictures from around the US
And to represent North Carolina:
  • Doughnuts to represent Krispy Kreme (founded in NC)
  • Lighthouse Craft
  • Dogwood craft (state flower)
  • NC map
  • Moon Pie
  • 2 information packets about NC
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