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I’m Rachael and I’m an expat mother to two little boys (soon to be followed by a baby girl due in march). I am English, my husband is Swedish and we live in the Parisian suburbs in France. I have always been very interested in different cultures and wanted to find a way to introduce my children to the world in a fun, visual and personal way - and what better way to do it than for them to receive a parcel in the post from a family abroad.
I started this project on my blog http://www.littleredfarm.com/ but it quickly grew so much that it needed it’s own site so with the help of Mymy and Deb, my wonderful expat friends we hope to give you a dedicated site full of fun and interesting information that you won’t find in a travel guide or a geography text book.

I'm Mymy, I'm French, my husband and I have been expat for more than 7 years now. On paper, I'm a teacher, but I am also a blogger, an amateur photographer and mother to TJ (4) and Hanaé (1).
TJ was born in England, and Hanaé in Spain, so they have the wonderful opportunity of growing up trilingual. At the moment, we live on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria, but in the future, who knows... Our life is a cultural exchange! Hehe...

When I first came across Little Red Farm's Cultural Swap project, I thought it was an amazing initiative and I immediately signed up. Then, Rachael asked for help and it took me 2 minutes to jump on the bandwagon. I have now been part of this inspiring adventure for almost 3 years, with Rach and Deb, the two most inspiring Expat moms! I blog in French, here: jeveuxunetitesoeurfille and on Facebook.

Hello, I am Deb, and I am your mini-swap coordinator.
I am a Parisian French expat mum and I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada with my Canadian husband -we met in Iceland, talk about multicultural!- we have two Franco-Canadian daughters Sixtine Charlotte (2), and Victoire Callie (9 month).

I first signed up for the Worldwide Culture Exchange for my daughter to learn about other cultures and bring cultural awareness into our home a couple years ago. What a beautiful opportunity to give to our children!

Rachael and Mymy are a pleasure to work with and wonderful friends. If you would like to know more about me and our family, I suggest you visit our blog: Sixtine et Victoire or on Facebook. Thank you and have fun! 
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