The Culture Swap for Schools is a free initiative for educators set up to promote cultural awareness and education for children.

If your class signs up for the Culture Swap for Schools it will be matched with a class similar in age from another part of the world so that you can put together your own cross cultural project to suit your needs.

You will send and receive letters, packages, postcards or whatever you agree between the two educators.

What could be sent?
Whatever you feel would represent your country best as well as fitting in with the requirements of the class.  It could be a letter with facts about your home country, flags, souvenirs, drawings, postcards, sweets, photographs, games, candies, recipes, sand or crafts.

How can you integrate the School Exchange in your curriculum?
- Improve writing and oral skills: writing facts, letters, discussing ideas in groups, or in pairs
- Geography: learn about different countries, cultures, traditions and life-styles
- Modern languages: get a more practical feel of the advantages of learning a new language
- Improve documentation, media, and research skills
- Arts: be crafty!

Want to find out more?
  • Ask current participants about their experiences on our Facebook page
  • Take a look at some of the packages sent and received so far
  • Have a look at our guest book
  • See our complete list of FAQ's
  • Contact us if you have any questions

How do I sign up?
Visit our sign up page or complete the online form below.

What other things can I sign up for?

What other things can I sign up for?
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